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Wing Attack technique

Wing Attack is a flying physical attack with a power rating of 60. Wing Attack is 100% accurate and has 35 PP. Strikes the target with wings.

Pokemon that can use Wing Attack
Aerodactylrock, flying90
Charizardfire, flying90
Crobatpoison, flying90
Dragonitedragon, flying90
Gligarground, flying90
Golbatpoison, flying90
Hoothootnormal, flying90
Mantinewater, flying90
Moltresfire, flying90
Murkrowdark, flying90
Pelipperwater, flying90
Pidgeotnormal, flying90
Pidgeottonormal, flying90
Pidgeynormal, flying90
Scytherbug, flying90
Swellownormal, flying90
Taillownormal, flying90
Wingullwater, flying90
Yanmabug, flying90
Zubatpoison, flying90

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