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Jungle Nymph

A gentle chirping noise caught Oxcacier’s attention. Glancing about, he saw nothing — the trees stood straight as always, the sounds of jungle life were the same. Shrugging, he turned back to face his path and continued walking.

“Hello man.” Oxcacier jumped, snapping his head back to catch the source of the voice. Stretched out along a branch above his head he beheld a slim female form with sleek, vibrant green skin.

“A nymph!”
She pouted, petulantly repeating, “Hello, man.”
“uh… hello,” he stuttered in reply.

Her lips smiled perfectly, then she sprang at him. Her speed astonished him as she hit him full force in the chest. Oxcacier flailed for support, branches and vines dodging beyond his grasp. Falling onto his back with a thud, the nymph skilfully landed straddling him. Bending over, she kissed his lips.
“Hello man,“ she whispered.

Oxcacier groaned, pushing her back as he sat up, holding his head. The nymph watched in concern. “Are you damaged, man?” she asked innocently, reaching out to stroke his hair.
He caught hold of her wrist. “Don’t touch me!”

Instantly her eyes flashed, the red pupils dilating in anger. Nostrils flaring, her body snapped forward, her forehead crashing painfully into his. Stars exploded in Oxcacier’s vision and he fell back, jarring his head on the ground. Groggily he struggled, as the nymph bent over him and kissed him on the lips.

Next time, Jungle Nymph Spurned
Sunday, September 23, 2001


Thursday, May 27, 2004, Ben wrote…
A three part tale. Watch out for nymphs!

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