Content in the Javascript library assumes a sound understanding of ECMAScript, CSS, XHTML and DOM.

User Interface Widgets

A collection of scripts to implement widgets (UI components, UI controls).

  1. Tabbed panels

    Reorganises sections of a page into a single space, accessed by “tabs”. An idea I had for shortening page length and reducing scrolling.

  2. Window popups

    Simple management of popup windows. Position windows from top, left, bottom and right of the screen. Includes reusing (and resizing and repositioning of) existing windows.

  3. Multiple document interface

    My attempt at implementing a multiple document interface (floating windows) model with javascript. Still lots of work left to be done.

  4. Form validation

    A library of useful data validation functions, with display of errors and warning messages. I hope to pair this with CGI validation script (in perl) for robustness and ultimately would like to be able to implement XForms through this. High hopes!

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Code in the javascript library is free to use. Enjoy! Feedback welcome.
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