Why Croc Stays in his Swamp!

So, the next day, Croc set off for Central Australia, where Roo lived. “Now,” thought Croc, “where could Roo be?” He looked around Ayers Rock — no Roo. He looked out over Lake Eyre — still no Roo. “Grrrrr,” said Croc, “he’s avoiding me on purpose! So I’ll have to make him find me, but how?”

“I — HISSS — know” said a voice from somewhere nearby.
“How, and where are you?” asked Croc.
“I’m — HISSS — here,” said a snake, as he slid out from under a rock, “and it’s — HISSS — simple. Kidnap his friend Koala.”

“I can’t” said Croc, “The men will shoot me if I go into town.”
“Then you — HISSS — must get Dingo to do it for you.”

“That’s a good idea,” said Croc, “I’ll do it.”

Illustration: Croc looks for Roo, meets Snake Where could Roo be?
Copyright Ben Boyle 1990.