Why Croc Stays in his Swamp!

“Grrrrr,” growled Croc, “I’ll pound you into pulp!” SLASH! Croc slashed his claws across Roo’s face. Three deep cuts appeared and the blood began to flow. POW! Croc knocked Roo onto the ground. “Now Roo, your death is near!” growled Croc as he jumped on top of Roo. But Croc had forgotten how powerful a kangaroo’s hind legs are. SMASH!!

Suddenly, Croc found himself airborne. “Huh? What happened?” said Croc. Roo’s kick had sent Croc high up into the air, — then, Croc began to come down. Faster and faster, until SPLAT!! Croc landed in the swamp. “Curse you, Roo!” he growled. You won today, but one day I’ll have my revenge!”

Illustration: Croc and Roo fight! Slash! Pow! Smash! SPLAT!
Copyright Ben Boyle 1990.