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Jungle Nymph

A gentle chirping noise caught Oxcacier’s attention. Glancing about, he saw nothing — the trees stood straight as always, the sounds of jungle life were the same. Shrugging, he turned back to face his path and continued walking.

“Hello man.” Oxcacier jumped, snapping his head back to catch the source of the voice. Stretched out along a branch above his head he beheld a slim female form with sleek, vibrant green skin.

“A nymph!”
She pouted, petulantly repeating, “Hello, man.”
“uh… hello,” he stuttered in reply.

Her lips smiled perfectly, then she sprang at him. Her speed astonished him as she hit him full force in the chest. Oxcacier flailed for support, branches and vines dodging beyond his grasp. Falling onto his back with a thud, the nymph skilfully landed straddling him. Bending over, she kissed his lips.
“Hello man,“ she whispered.

Oxcacier groaned, pushing her back as he sat up, holding his head. The nymph watched in concern. “Are you damaged, man?” she asked innocently, reaching out to stroke his hair.
He caught hold of her wrist. “Don’t touch me!”

Instantly her eyes flashed, the red pupils dilating in anger. Nostrils flaring, her body snapped forward, her forehead crashing painfully into his. Stars exploded in Oxcacier’s vision and he fell back, jarring his head on the ground. Groggily he struggled, as the nymph bent over him and kissed him on the lips.

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Jungle Nymph Spurned

Roaring in fury, Oxcacier flung her from him as he struggled to his feet. The nymph landed on her feet a few yards away. Smiling, she spoke. “Hello man.”

Oxcacier drew his sword. At the sight of steel, she snapped into a defensive position. Oxcacier appraised her, watching her closely as she began stalking around him. She was smaller than he’d reckoned. At full height she would just barely reach his chest. Then he gasped. She had four arms!

Twenty long, red fingernails glistened in the jungle light. Her sharp, white teeth grinned between dark green lips. Glistening straight hair cascaded down her back. Between her tall legs a tiny black g-string scarcely served any modest purpose. Two small triangles clung to her bust, the nipples pouting cheekily through the taut material.

“Do you desire me, man?” She smiled. “I have beautiful breasts. I’ll show you them, if you ask me.”

Oxcacier choked. Circling, she edged imperceptibly closer.
“Ask me to show you my breasts, man.”
“If you want to show me so much, why don’t you?”
“It is forbidden me to do so without your express desire, man.” She laughed merrily.
“Forbidden?” Oxcacier was confused. “Who forbids it?”
She laughed again. “It is also forbidden me to refuse your express desire to see my breasts, man.”

Oxcacier whirled his sword as she tried to step closer. Hissing, she jumped back.
“I can see enough of your breasts already,” Oxcacier commented dryly, stalling for time.
“They are more beautiful underneath, man. More beautiful than you can imagine. Ask me to show them to you, man.”
Oxcacier said nothing.
“Are they not voluptuous enough for you, man?” As she spoke, her bosom heaved, enlarging before his eyes. The clinging material tautened against the strain, but it did not break. “It can never break man,” she added, smiling delightfully. The sweet curves hung generously low on her chest. “Ask to see my breasts, man. It is forbidden me to refuse.”

“I will not!” Oxcacier shouted loudly. The nymph sprang forward. Swinging his sword in a fierce arc, he sliced a gash on her leg. She cried aloud in pain, but the cut did not slow her. Crashing against him, she knocked him off balance. Flinging her arms around his back, her legs hit the ground, supporting them both. Hissing fiercely, she bit into his lip, fingernails tearing through his tunic and flesh. He screamed in agony. Fighting to free himself of her embrace, he lost his grip on his sword. The blade shattered against a rock with a shrill clatter.

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Passing of Oxcacier

“Are we even yet, man?” she hissed, releasing him suddenly. Oxcacier spun wildly into a tree. Regaining balance, he staggered backward. Smiling to herself, the nymph jumped onto his back, her legs and arms tightly winding around his body. Nuzzling close to his neck, she delicately bit his ear. Whispering, she taunted him. “You are trapped, man. But I will set you free, if you ask to see my breasts.”
She squeezed hard. Oxcacier groaned, confounded by her strength. Gritting his teeth, his arms bulged as he tried to break free. The nymph kissed his neck and squeezed harder. “Ask me, man.”
“I… will… not!” Running backward, he thought to slam her up against a tree.

The tree moved. Sliding sideways, it dodged out of his path, a wayward branch slamming into his jaw in the process.
The nymph licked the trickle of blood from his chin. “Are you damaged, man?” she asked. Oxcacier staggered, catching his breath. With deft movements, she climbed around to his front, clinging tightly to his body. She kissed his lips. He looked down at her. Standing up on him, she pushed his face into her chest. “Smell me, man. Desire me.”

Oxcacier struggled, holding his breath. The nymph giggled, but held him firm. “Don’t tickle me, man. Smell me. Desire me.” She pushed him further between her breasts with one hand, pulled his hair with another.
Oxcacier’s lungs burned as he thrashed wildly. “Breathe!” the nymph commanded, pounding him on the back. Oxcacier lurched forward, staggering about, the pain in his chest growing more unbearable every second. “Breathe!” She thumped him again, her fist slamming into his side.

Oxcacier gasped wildly, struggling as his mouth opened against his will. Inhaling deeply, he tensed for spasms of expected pain. Nothing but sweet, warm air, sensuously perfumed by an erotic, womanly aroma, wafted through his nose. The fragrance dulled his senses and he quieted, his struggles ceasing. Smiling, the nymph bent down and kissed his forehead, loosening her grip a little to slide back down to his height.

“You smell divine!” Oxcacier breathed huskily. She giggled, easily wriggling free of his clumsy attempt to cuddle her. He staggered after her, but she held up her hand in gesture to stop him.
“Do you desire me, man?” She smiled. “I have beautiful breasts. I’ll show you them, if you ask me.”
“Please show me.”

Her smile widened in delight. With a flash of a sharp fingernail, she severed the thread between her breasts, the fabric snapping free of her body. Stretching languidly, she exposed herself fully before his open-mouthed gaze. “Are they not beautiful, man?”
Oxcacier merely gaped.

“Come to me, man. Touch my breasts.” She gestured him forward as he stumbled to do her bidding. He reached out tentatively and she grasped his hands, pulling him to her, squeezing his rough fingers around her luxurious cups. Arching back, she moaned, then twisted as she yanked him over with her other arms, falling sideways to land on top of him. She sliced through the layers of clothing he wore, baring his body beneath hers, pressing down upon him.

“Do you desire me, man?”
Inhaling deeply, he slurred his positive reply. She sliced the strand that held her g-string together, slinging the item away into the brush. Dragging one of his hands away from its place over her breast, she ran it through the velvety hair that curled down from her navel.

“Can I love you, man?” she asked him, suggestively using his fingers to probe her body. He nodded, and she abruptly straddled him, settling down in pleasure. An odd tingle of pain ran through his body, but the nymph lay upon him, kissing his chest. Her scent rose up to him, filling him with desire for her. All other feelings faded from his mind as he surrendered to her ardent caresses.

Smiling to herself, the nymph bit deeply into the flesh above his heart and began to suck his blood.

Previously, Jungle Nymph Spurned
permanent link · Sunday, September 23, 2001

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