Benjamin S Boyle, Multimedia developer / Education history /

 Bachelor of MULTIMEDIA

1998, Semester 2
MM Multimedia III P
MM Multimedia Project P
1998, Semester 1
IT Computer Graphics HD
IT Distributed Multimedia Systems HD
VA Professional Practice P
1997, Semester 2
MM Multimedia IIB C
ED Designing and Developing Multimedia Applications C
ED Interaction and Educational Design P
1997, Semester 1
VA Computer Animation D
HU Digital Video P
MM Multimedia IIA D
IT Human-Computer Interaction D
1996, Semester 2
MU Sound Principles C
VA Computer Visualisation and Image Creation D
MM Multimedia 1B C
IT Project Management F
1996, Semester 1
VA Principles and Methods of Design C
MM Multimedia 1A C
MM Multimedia Authoring NGP
IT Data Structures and Algorithms D
Credit granted for prior study (1995)
IT Discrete Mathematics and Logic HD
IT Programming I HD
IT Programming II HD

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