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Perl programming

Perl is a multi-purpose scripting language; commonly used for CGI applications.

I have a great deal of experience with Perl coming straight out of some intensive programming. Over the last year, working for (1999), I have been part of a team of developers who worked on the backend system. Throughout this period I have worked on developing packages and scripts to handle dynamic webpage generation and database integration (using SQL through the Perl DBI module) on a range of tasks. Particularly of note is the Jumbostore "Wizard" which is an online administration tool helping clients to manage their store, products and orders.

Dyanmic Page Generation

This involved development of packages which handled template processing (HTML, plain text, but could be extended further). Also handling searches (based on keywords and other criteria), dynamic rotation of banner advertisements (while tracking impressions and clickthrough statistics).

Database Integration

Managing database content through CGI scripts (using the Perl DBI module). I have experience developing both front-end search and selection scripts, as well as maintenance scripts (as part of the Wizard mentioned above). Database formats used were MySQL and PostgreSQL (also dealt with the CSV text format in uploaded files).

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