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Java programming

I was introduced to Java in 1996 at Griffith University, whilst doing some casual work for a lecturer (preparation of examples for a subject - [HCI] Human-Computer Interaction - in the Multimedia degree).

Learning the basics

I taught myself from the online API (and a good book or two) and found it an excellent language to work with. I was required to study Java futher during the Bachelor of Multimedia course (1996-1998). I have experience programming stand-alone applications in addition to applets.

Technical support

During my employment with Squirrel Internet (1998-2000), I was not able to pursue my interests in Java programming. However I did provide technical support for customers of Rocketfuel Software (a related company) which sells a range of Java applets for use in commercial websites.

Object oriented programming

I have no doubt of my ability to program using Java. I have plenty of object-oriented programming experience (most recently with PERL) and am familiar with the syntax of the Java language and basic functions and packages: including multi-threading, exception handling, network sockets and custom interface components.

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