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Early web design (1998-1999)

The following examples are taken from my employment as a web developer with / Squirrel Internet.

Queensland Bed & Breakfast Association (May - June 1999)

Queensland Bed & Breakfast Association A dynamic information site running on Cold Fusion using an ODBC database source (via SQL). Multiple window navigation is handled by javascript (BNB listings and maps are shown in popup windows).
A simple database administration web-interface was also developed for the client.

This site has been updated by a new developer - Sunday, 15 July 2001

VW Care

old url: (February 1999)

VW Care VW Care is a reseller of Silicon Graphics Visual Workstations. The site is a simple information site (promotional tool), developed in straightforward HTML.
The system builder pages (live price quotes) were implemented in javascript.
This site is no longer available on the Internet (noted 8 April 2001)

Returned and Services League of Australia [RSL] (November 1998 - June 1998)

Retired and Services League of Australia [RSL] The National RSL website development came hot on the heels of the Queensland RSL website. The site is a information site for members of the RSL and is primarily based on text explaining RSL services. We also created the South Australian RSL site.

A small database component was added to the homepage - the On This Day feature.

Harland Financial Services [FINH] (November 1998)

Harland Financial [FINH] FINH is a fairly standard corporate site developed to provide information about the client's services. It has been included here as an example of generic website development using basic HTML, some image swapping javascript, and even one java applet to add a little flair.

Bob Nigro (January 1999)

Bob Nigro (an Independent Morinda Distributor) This is a standard site for a client (an Independent Morinda Distributor) who wished a professional look for his startup online business.
The shopping cart system on this site has expired.

Satellite College

unpublished (January 1999)

Satellite College A straight forward informational site for an educational institutional. Unfortunately, due to conflicts with the client and sales team over the project requirements, the contract was cancelled and the site unpublished.

Boystown Lotteries (May 1999)

Boystown Lotteries Boystown maintain their own site, so many of the pages have changed since the initial development of the site. The interface has been simplified to simple text (no doubt for faster loading, which was always a concern of the client at odds with their requests for flashy animating graphics).

Pete's Party Products (February 1999)

Pete's Party Products Pete's Party Products is a small online catalogue without e-commerce integration. It was produced on a very small budget and is included of an example of HTML at it's simplest.

Please note that these websites may have been altered by the client or another developer since I worked on them. When I last checked (Sunday, 15 July 2001), the above sites were as I had left them except where noted in italics. The sites listed below which are linked provide other examples. Where the site is not linked, it has been altered by another party.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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