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Phone directory

Steering the department's phone directory from a simple web list of staff phone numbers towards a true knowledge management tool; supporting business and user needs for reliable contact information accessed via the web.

The phone directory is supported by a strong management infrastructure with update officers spread throughout all branches of the department. The effort expended on maintaining the content of this system ensures the currency and accuracy of information is of high quality.

Web Management Services are responsible for the interface and information architecture of the phone directory. As Web content master, I initiated a number of enhancements to the system to leverage this system; improving the underlying architecture and support new channels of information access.

Dynamic display of contact details on web pages.

Web developers can specify that the page should include contact details for a particular position, organisation area or service. The maintenance efforts of the phone directory ensure data is current and accurate; when leveraged this ensures the same quality of data is presented on any given web page. Web development resources are freed from content maintenance to pursue tasks requiring their expertise.

Web form email recipients

Web forms can specify a recipient position, service or organisation area, ensuring form information is sent through to the correct staff member, as specified in the phone directory. Additional benefits include spam protection for staff (email addresses are not exposed in the HTML source code) and security of the system, preventing potential abuse where the system is used to spam external parties (it is only capable of sending email to staff listed in the phone directory).

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