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Bouncing ball exercise - 1st attempt

Mechanical Bouncing ball
Bouncing ball - 1st attempt

My first attempt at the bouncing ball proved a little mechanical in its timing. The motion is too uniform - it does not speed up and slow down in a nice way (and you often need to exaggerate acceleration to be effective).

In this case, the uniform motion makes it seem like the object does not weigh enough. This is because gravity accelerates an object's motion as it falls. While many people may not launch into a physics lecture to explain why, they never-the-less know that something doesn't look quite right.

The timing was improved by removing frames 2 and 4 on both the up and down - the same frames are shot in reverse order to create the downward motion. There is nothing inherently wrong with the individual frames, but the motion is faster as the ball falls (and bounces back up) without them.

The 2 extra frames

Frame 2 Frame 4

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