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Web application architecture

Web Management Services manages the interfaces and information architecture of all web applications.

A dedicated team of programmers manages all development and maintenance of web applications. Enhancements are determined by Web Management Services, with the Web Content Master providing the lead role.

During my time in this role I have directed the development and maintenance of the following applications:

Phone directory
Repository and search interface for staff contacts. Also supports dynamic inclusion of contact details on a web page and email form recipients.
Search script that covers all documents catalogued through the document cataloguing system. Supports free text searching and SQL matching on many metadata fields.
Document cataloguing system
System allowing publishers to upload files to the web servers and apply metadata to documents; some content management functions built in.
Repository and search interface for information on events; presented through a calendar interface or as search results.
Schools directory
Repository and search interface for data on schools: type, location, subjects and enrolments.

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